All children at Rookery have an opportunity to learn music based upon topics they are studying from a specialist teacher. Pupils listen to music, sing songs, play pieces of music, and compose their own pieces.


Extra Provision

Every Tuesday we have whole school singing practice led by teachers and support staff. Pupils practice the songs they are to sing in Friday assemblies.

Opportunities are given for pupils to learn instruments from BMS staff (Birmingham Music Service) such as Drums, Violin, Flute and Clarinet. In 2013/14 we introduced Sitar and whole class teaching of Cello (Year 3) and Recorders (Year 2).

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In 2012/13 Rookery had the opportunity to have professional tuition & training from a member of the CBSO choir (City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra). This tuition provided the school with an extra push on developing singing and the training provided staff to take responsibility on developing singing further within school. Rookery now has a school choir and Foundation pupils have regular singing practice, singing songs based around the topic of study. 

From the partnership with the CBSO a Handsworth Community Choir was set up and practice at the school on a Wednesday evening. They have many opportunities to perform at different venues and also team up with the school to sing with the pupils at different events. 

Since 2012/13 Rookery has homed the BHS Handsworth Area Ensemble. The ensemble allows pupils who have instrumental lessons from Rookery and other local primary schools to not only develop their musical knowledge, but to develop new friendships, build confidence and experience being in an orchestra.  They are currently working on a composing project with the BCMG (Birmingham Contemporary Music Group). These pupils perform to the community every 10weeks and also get opportunities to perform at other venues. The photos show the ensemble performing at the Adrian Boult Hall and at Rookery Sports & Arts Centre.

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All our pupils are given opportunities to perform in public either through assemblies, school music concerts and curriculum events.  Within curriculum events we have begun to encourage parents to show off their talents and even inspire them to just have a go!!

Click the treble clef below to experience a composition by some of Rookery’s parents used in a Year 4 event. It was based upon a piece of music by PUST - "Innocent" - Arctic impressions (view at


Listen to our piece here