Performing Arts


Rookery has been an active advocate for Arts for a number of years. The Head Teacher, Senior Leaders, School Governors and Class Teachers all see the importance and impact the Arts have on young people.  At Rookery we see the Arts not only as individual subjects for pupils to learn and develop skills, but see it as a tool to teach other curriculum areas, allow pupils to express themselves in different ways and allows promotion of pupils’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural development.

The Sports & Arts Director has helped Rookery gain a strong track record in developing the Arts and building many innovative partnerships.  Some of the partnerships are:

- WNO on 4 opera projects with pupils

- Birmingham’s Artist in Residence scheme

- Big Brum


The S&A Director has also helped in influencing the school’s curriculum through the innovative outcome of Curriculum Events. These are where year groups learning for half a term is shared to parents and the community, using the Arts as a tool. Within these events workshops are set up, led by the pupils’, so that the audience can take part in what the pupils have being learning.  The Events are so successful that we now have separate workshops for parents, who become part of the Event in some way. This in the past has been through art displayed, music played and acting on stage with the pupils.

The practice seen at Rookery has been recognised by Ofsted in the last 2 inspections with the curriculum been noted as “Outstanding”.

In November 2013 Rookery successfully became an Arts Connect Hub School.  Arts Connect’s mission is to connect children and young people to high quality arts and cultural provision across the West Midlands, which includes developing new opportunities where little currently exists.  Arts Connect has established a Hub School network in order to provide leadership in ensuring that children and young people are able to access cultural education.

Rookery are very much in support of developing the Arts through providing leadership and support to others, and creating new opportunities for those who have little experience of the Arts' impact. Rookery's new Art Hub is an example of this and offers learners art lessons with our specialist Art Teacher, art activities linked to our regular events which enrich and enhance the curriculum and extra-curricular art and craft clubs for the extended community.

The space has been specially adapted to support art activities with excellent resources for learners to access including art and craft specialist materials, gallery space, a small art library and our specialist art teacher's own art studio.


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