Curriculum overview

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“The subjects pupils are taught are constantly adapted and their depth and richness are developing pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness outstandingly well. The school takes full advantage of visitors to the school and also a wide range of trips. The extra subjects and learning opportunities provided, such as the wide range of musical instruments and languages taught, make an outstanding contribution to the pupils learning. “
Rookery School OFSTED Report July 2013

The curriculum offer at Rookery is exciting, stimulating and challenging

“Consequently, Rookery children are expected to:

Rookery school aims and values statement

With these aims in mind the Governors subsidise two major educational visits for all children per year as well a residential stay for children in Years 4 and 6.

Parents are asked to make a contribution towards the cost of the visit. Families experiencing hardship are to contact the pastoral manager - Mrs Rai.

All learners are expected to value the opportunities provided. Therefore, all Rookery children are expected to participate fully in all educational visits.  


Educational visits are part of the curriculum; they are not optional.

Collaborative Learning

Curriculum Events


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Past Curriculum events

Year 5 “Down by the River”



Year 3  “Plantasia”

Year 3 was transformed into “Plantasia” for half a term with children’s named changed to plant names. All areas of the curriculum, including a visit to Birmingham Botanical Gardens were linked to solving the dilemma of where to site the Queen’s new extension because of the discovery of a new rare plant species. Children worked on perimeter and area in maths, composed music, developed a range of written outcomes and researched through reading and science as well as studying Van Gogh and poetry linked to plants.


Children reflect on their social and spiritual development. Year 3 children reflected in their learning journals

“On the day I felt like the happiest boy on earth. At the event I had more confidence than I thought. When I was talking I believed in myself. That’s what it’s all about.”

“In the end the parents clapped at us because we had a fabulous event so they could enjoy themselves.”

“We had some workshops. I helped my dad and little sister make a flower. I enjoyed helping people make flowers. I was teaching people”


Reflecting on a quiz run for parents; one child wrote:

“When we saw the first group someone’s mum shouted ‘shamrock’ and someone’s dad asked me to help but my teacher said ‘No cheating!’”

“Finally it was my part and my decision was I would save the beautiful and magnificent flower. Everyone cheered and clapped with amazement…”