Attending school where ever possible is vital to your child’s education, coming to school every day is very important if children are to succeed and fulfil their potential ~ the children who do best have excellent rates of attendance.

The school attendance target is 96% - no child should drop below this without very good reason. Pupil attendance is monitored daily by Ms Rai, our ‘Pastoral Manager’ and un-explained absences are followed up with telephone calls and home visits.

Time off from school during term time is not a right…the head teacher cannot authorise absence for holidays or family trips abroad.

Value your child’s place at Rookery – or you may lose it!


Parents must:                   

We monitor and celebrate achievement in attendance by:

Red: 90% or below is poor           Yellow: 91-94% is below average

Green: 95-96% is good                  Blue: 97% or above is outstanding