Pastoral Manager: Ms Satvir Rai

Hi, my name is Satvir Rai I am a Pastoral Manager at Rookery School Academy.

My Role at Rookery School Academy:

As a Pastoral Manager I am a trained, experienced and passionate person who joins a school community to provide extra support to parents/carers and the families. We are a team of positive role models who bring genuine compassion, understanding and practical ongoing support to pupils and families.

Pastoral Support Workers in schools have many tasks:

To ensure the safeguarding, welfare and learning of pupils by:

These tasks are addressed in working with the pupils, staff and families of the school community, to fulfil the following roles:

Partnership to support your child                                    

Provide additional opportunities for families to feel supported.

Participation to develop deeper understanding

We believe that our parent community are a valuable part of our success and as such we continue to work hard to strengthen the partnership. As well as being available to support parents/carers when they need the school’s support, we value what parents can offer. If you have a skill or talent that you would like to share contact me. You can participate by:

Training to improve prospects (Adult learner courses)

I am available each morning at 8.45am meeting and greeting on the school playground and at the end of each day at 3.15pm.