School Uniform


Girls: White shirt; grey v-neck jumper/cardigan; school tie; grey skirt/pinafore/trousers; grey tights/socks; black shoes.

No stripey/flowery tights please. If a hijab is worn then please wear grey or pale blue.


Boys: White shirt; grey v-neck jumper; school tie; grey trousers; black shoes.

No trainers please.

Jumpers and school ties are available from Gognas on Rookery Road


PE and games: It is essential for health and safety reasons that children wear the correct kit for physical activity:   Rookery PE t-shirt; pumps/trainers; shorts, tracksuit


Swimming: Swimming costume; swimming hat; towel

On health and safety grounds children must not wear jewellery in school, as it can cause injury to themselves or others when playing or participating in school activities.


Thank you for your support.